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Frequently Asked Questions

While it is not a requirement to be listed as a certified trainer, we strongly recommend going through the NASM or ACE certification process. Not only will you learn new training techniques but you'll also appeal to a wider client base searching for training. On average, our certified trainers see a 64% incease in training requests.

Using the information you provide in your application, FitnessTrainer creates a unique profile and features it to clients in your area. We take care of all the marketing, advertising, and client bookings on your behalf. By creating the most comprehensive online trainer marketplace, we represent the premier source of prospective training clients.

We allow you to set your own contract rate so you are able to set it to the rate you usually charge your clients.

You are paid as an independent contractor. All payments are sent securely through PayPal (paychecks can be mailed upon request).

There are many factors that can impact how many clients you receive...

  • Your qualifications as a trainer
  • The area you live in
  • The number of training locations you have and your willingness to travel
  • Your contracted rate (the more reasonable the rate, the more clients you should expect)
  • The quality of your profile picture
  • Once your application is approved, you'll have access to the FitnessTrainer Dashboard, where you can manage bookings and sessions. It is your responsibility as a trainer to schedule and confirm all sessions. Once you confirm a session we know to send you a check that particular pay period.

    Working with is non-exclusive, so you are free to work with outside clients or facilities. Clients acquired through the system however, cannot be taken on the side. Soliciting students from will result in the termination of our services.

    We rely on you to identify your own training locations. You can either train clients at your own facility, or often the client will request that you come to them.