About Me

Hi, my name is Mitchell. After having an amateur boxing career that spanned over 12 years, I began personal training 10 years ago. I am a certified Track and Field Coach with USATF, powerlifting and kettlebells from Strong First, a Functional Strength Coach via Mike Boyle, prehab/rehab movement coach with Functional Movement Systems, a VDOTO2 distance running coach and Precision Nutrition coach.
I have clients who range from avid marathoners who look to beat their last best pace time, first-time strength clients who want to challenge themselves to the strongest version they can be and rehab patients who are looking for the long recovery that helps them lead an injury-free life.

I also support the educational growth of new personal trainers in the field with continuing education in basic medical concepts and fitness application, movement screening and exercise selection building, cardiovascular assessment and programming.

What to Expect

What to expect:
- 5-10 minutes movement prep/dynamic warm up
- 35-40 minutes resistance training
- 5-10 minutes conditioning

Client Success Story

I had a client who started training because her apartment caught on fire and with 3 children, she was put in a position where she had to decide what child she would have to leave behind because she was not strong enough to carry all 3 kids. A neighbor did come to help her and she and all the kids made it out of the fire okay. She never wanted to have to make a decision on leaving a child behind again so she wanted to get stronger. We chose the Racked Carry as the benchmark of strength for her. When she started strength training, she could only lift two 8 kilo kettlebells. To date, she Rack Carries two 20 kilo kettlebells (88lbs) for 45 secs. That is almost 75% of her body weight.


  • Athletic Performance
  • Bicycling
  • Bodyweight Training
  • Boxing
  • Calisthenics
  • Cardio
  • Circuit Training
  • Core
  • Cross Country
  • Crossfit
  • Cycling
  • Endurance Training
  • Functional Training
  • High Intensity
  • Hiking
  • Jogging
  • Kickboxing
  • Marathon Training
  • Personal Training
  • Plyometric
  • Powerlifting
  • Rehab Training
  • Resistance
  • Rowing
  • Running
  • Strength And Conditioning
  • Track and Field
  • Triathlon

I Can Help You Accomplish

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Firming And Toning
  • Flexibility
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Endurance Training
  • Nutrition

Training Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Training Location

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Prospect Park
  • Prospect Park
  • Brooklyn, NY 11223
  • Virtual/ Zoom
  • Virtual/Zoom
  • Brooklyn, NY 11223

  I can travel within 15 miles of zip code 11223

General Availability

Sunday 7am - 10am
Monday 6am - 7am, 10am - 12pm, and 7pm - 10pm
Tuesday 6am - 8am and 7pm - 10pm
Wednesday 6am - 8am, 10am - 12pm, and 7pm - 10pm
Thursday 7pm - 10pm
Friday 6am - 9am, 11am - 1pm, and 7pm - 10pm
Saturday 7am - 10am

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